Texlive updating tlmgr 2016

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This will open a dialog that helps you update the distribution.

This page collects user experience and hints about the manual installation .I can see many downsides from my point of view in using it, I can't really provide any support (only for the unaltered distro install) and it could break the distro install if it's touching /usr/share/texmf-dist with things like`mktexlsr` for example as there are no post-install operations for texlive. However it might be useful to update Te XLive more frequently (if this isn't done already) with the newer versions of the included (La)Te X packages and classes. The current process is basically, build the TL binaries, install.Extract all the texmf files, run the usual TL tools to make it work and split it up into packages (no commands are required on install as the files have already been generated in the packages).So PLEASE don't bother to try to update using tlmgr or Te X Live Utility (you'll need TLU 1.24 at least for TL2016 updating).Finally, you can get information about Mac Te X-2016 and Te X Live 2016 at .

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