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Italian Financial Police arrested more than 10 people suspected of being part of an international criminal organization.

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Tourists have reported being overcharged a lot for foreign beers especially when costs for food and drink in Albania are generally low (except for some parts of the riviera and the capital) You may be asked to buy a drink for the bar owner or waitress of which you will get charged a premium. You'll get approached on the street or in places like bus stations.

Investigators said the group relied on a network of other scammers to help withdraw money from around the world.

Albania is a very interesting and welcoming country with decent honest people - mostly - however there are a few common scamming methods you should be aware of to avoid being ripped off. It's very common for people to approach visitors and ask them to buy a lottery ticket which could be worth thousands of euros.

Scammers will often tell you that money you send them will go to a charity or will be used to support a business venture.

This might be anything from oil exploration to gold mining, gemstone sales and more.

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