Consolidating bird feeders into homemade station

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They've occupied an old birdhouse that is back near the woodline, and show no interest in the SREH-equipped housing. The HOSPs have basically taken over the gourds, as well as a few cavities within the martin house.

Surprisingly the HOSPs we have do not appear to be overly aggressive towards the martins.

Then you will want to create the Bird Seed Garlands. The suet can also be formed into balls and strung or even just placed in a feeder for the birds. We left some of the orange plain and hung them straight.

The garlands are made with oranges, apples dipped in peanut butter and bird seed, and the round disks are homemade suet. We also made a few ornaments, using the directions for the DIY Bird Seed Ornaments we shared a couple years ago.

Skewer an empty plastic bottle with two wooden spoons and fill with birdseed for this super easy feeder.

First-time poster, here, but a long-time reader of these forums and the magazines PMCA publishes.

I'm also the tech-savvy member of the family, so I always end up doing the research for my father, who has been a small-time martin landlord for about five years now.

Along with building birdhouses, my Dad would fill his multiple feeders daily and watch the birds from their deck.

This Vintage Recycled Bird Feeding Station was inspired from all the years of watching my parents feed the birds and enjoy the wildlife in their back yard.

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